New in at Helsinki Airport

In July, as a pilot project, Finavia is offering portable chargers for passengers at Helsinki Airport. What a nice way to allow passengers to move freely (i.e. use buy other services) while charging their phones and tablets. Since many keep their boarding passes and other information at their phones, it’s good that the battery is not too low on a critical moment like boarding.

But… there’s a problem: they’re not iPhone compatible. Although I think it works with your own whatever to USB cable.


On airports, once more

“In my view, we’re heading in the wrong direction,” Griffiths says. “With bigger and bigger airports we get bigger walking distances, less intimate experiences and greater difficulties in customers making connections.” He suggests that no performance statistic is more important to airports than ensuring passengers can “very conveniently and easily connect between flights.

Systems like pre-checking for flights, mobile-checking, kiosks, baggage drop systems, improved digital passport and border controls, advanced security systems and biometrics, when properly applied, Griffiths suggests, will let airports use space more efficiently.

“When you take all of those processes out of the airport environment you create space,”

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My feelings exactly.


Learn from the great:

we have to be present on the platforms where the tourists are, and that’s 24/7, of course

Digital development is dictating where we need to be as a destination if we wish to influence a travel decision

Skift: If you had 10 times more funding, what would you do with it?

Olsen: We would use that on branding Denmark abroad and increasing knowledge and visitor preference for Denmark. Then there is the whole business events sector, which is big business for our destination as well, and where we are world-leading in developing and using strategic meeting design concepts and sustainable meetings management. I would definitely boost that part of business, especially toward our main markets in the U.S., Europe and Russia, but that’s entirely a separate story in itself.

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Interview: VisitDenmark CEO on Local Travel in Copenhagen and Beyond

Hotels for business travelers

Note to all hotels everywhere: There is nothing worse than a weak hairdryer

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Arguably the most important feature for working women and men alike is free, fast Wi-Fi. And working hairdryerEven though Virgin Hotels has found, or it thinks it has found, a niche, Jennifer Parker from Bloomberg writes that there’s not much substance behind being “female friendly” in the hotel business today. What a business traveler of today looks for is basic design functionality, service design and performance. Consulting Trip Advisor is also wise move, since it’s common practice among travelers.

What will define them is really good reviews on Trip Advisor.

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Virgin Hotels Thinks It Knows What Female Travelers Want by Jennifer Parker, Bloomberg