While in Denmark

Tanskan hotelli- ja ravintola-ala on luonut Suomen kokoisessa maassa eniten yksityisen sektorin työpaikkoja ja kasvanut näinä talouden kituvuosina muhkeat 12 prosenttia.

© Annukka Oksanen, Helsingin Sanomat 21.7.2015

Carlsberg Copenhagen


Lounaalla Kuopiossa | Lunch in Kuopio

Looking for a great lunch in Kuopio? I’d recommend Urban. Open 10.30-14:00 and by request. ****

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Kuopion paras lounas? Ravintola Urban. Avoinna 10:30-14:00, muina aikoina tilauksesta. ****

Søndag i København

Here it finally comes. My brief guide to Copenhagen, the most liveable city (according to Monocle) and the best city in which I have ever lived in.

In Copenhagen, the best Sunday’s include brunch, museum visit, seaside, cycling and maybe some shopping, for which the city offers a wide variety of amazing places to choose from. There’s almost too much to choose from, but I have tried to select some favorites for you. You may simply try these (check the opening hours and info from the links) or do it like I always do – just take a bike and get lost / follow your instincts. Eventually you will find your own favorite(s).


  • Louisiana. It takes some time and effort to reach this museum of modern art, but Louisiana is definitely worth the travel.
  • DAC – Danish Architecture Centre. For all you (us) architecture / urban planning nerds. + Café with a view.
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. + The Winter Garden in the centre of the museum is the setting for Café Glyptoteket.


Amusement Parks:

Eat & drink:

Nordatlantens Brygge. There´s Noma and well, all kind of things related to the North Atlantic.

** And if you happen to be in Copenhagen on the week of Distortion, it’s good to remember that Sunday in Copenhagen is always mainly for hygge.

*** And if you happen to be in Copenhagen on the first Sunday of the Month between 12 – 17. HAY HOUSE.

Sunnuntaisin Kööpenhaminassa kannattaa syödä ja juoda hyvin, kävellä, pyöräillä, juosta tai uida, vierailla museossa, tai vain ihastella maailman onnellisimman kansan sunnuntaihyggeilyä. Ylläolevissa linkeissä muutama suosikkini, mutta on siellä paljon muutakin. Parasta vain mennä virran mukana.

Sunday in Rovaniemi

The night before you should have eaten the best burger’s in town at Kauppayhtiö or enjoyed tapas and wine (they also have the best mojitos in town) at Café Bar 21, after which you have danced the night away at Sfäär.

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If the weather is good, walk or run down to the river. If it’s winter, continue on the river. And when you have had enough of fresh air, go for some culture and coffee. For art, concerts and business, I’d go to Korundi.  And for the same, but with more Arctic, Arktikum.

Did you know there’s also an Arctic Ice Cream Factory in Rovaniemi? You can have a taste of that and the best chocolate in town at ChocoDeli. Unfortunately, not open on Sunday’s.

Ps. Do not forget to visit Santa!

*When the month changed numbers, I moved back to Rovaniemi, in where I have spend the 4 of the 5 years of my studies. It’s been nice to notice the development of this tiny town of North, especially when it comes to places in where to eat and drink. So here are some of my current favorites and Sunday tips.


On Sundays I mostly think of food. But first coffee. Brunches, late lunches and afternoon cafés. After and in the middle of rummaging and exploring, through museums, markets and second-hand finds; a slow run in the park or flauneuring the streets.

Mostly, I enjoy my Sundays in a city. And since I do have spent many nice Sundays in many nice cities, I decided to start sharing my Sunday favorites. Maybe someone finds these helpful.

The first one goes to Gent, Belgium.* In there, for breakfast, brunch and lunch, with friends, family or a loved one, for business or slow life; Pain Perdu. Best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, lots of greens, nice atmosphere and friendly service. Douze points.

And for the best coffee in town; Mokabon

*I hadn’t really thought of Gent before I moved to Brussels in 2012. But thanks to cheap tickets, short distances and sometimes dizzy Brussels, I learned that there are more to Belgium, including this decently sized, charming city called Gent (Ghent). From Brussels it takes only half an hour with train. It is also said that Gent is like Bruges, but with fewer tourists. I guess it means that Gent has the character and authenticity, without the popularity. Yet.  

Suomeksi: Sunnuntaissa parasta on ruoka ja kahvi. Ja koska olen viettänyt monta mukavaa sunnuntaita monessa mukavassa paikassa, ajattelin jakaa vinkkini viikoittain, jos vaikka joku eksyy samoille nurkille nälkäisenä.

Osa 1. Gent. Brysselissä asumisessa parasta, paikallisen ruoka- ja juomatarjonnan lisäksi, on kuinka kaupungista pääsee nopeasti ja halvalla muihin kaupunkeihin syömään ja juomaan. Ja niin syksyllä 2012 rakastuin ensilmäyksellä herttaiseen, autenttiseen Gentiin, johon EU-kuplasta pääsee puolessa tunnissa junalla.

Siellä aamiaiselle, brunsille tai lounaalle, ystävän, perheen tai rakkaan kanssa, suosittelen Pain Perdu. Ja kahville: Mokabon.

Menkää ja ihastukaa!