Learn from the great:

we have to be present on the platforms where the tourists are, and that’s 24/7, of course

Digital development is dictating where we need to be as a destination if we wish to influence a travel decision

Skift: If you had 10 times more funding, what would you do with it?

Olsen: We would use that on branding Denmark abroad and increasing knowledge and visitor preference for Denmark. Then there is the whole business events sector, which is big business for our destination as well, and where we are world-leading in developing and using strategic meeting design concepts and sustainable meetings management. I would definitely boost that part of business, especially toward our main markets in the U.S., Europe and Russia, but that’s entirely a separate story in itself.

© Skift / VisitDenmark CEO Jan Olsen

Interview: VisitDenmark CEO on Local Travel in Copenhagen and Beyond


Lapland | Lappland

Thoughts today, while cross-country skiing:

I. In Finland, cross-country skiing seems to be in again and even the teenagers ski! Not in my youth… Therefore, I am sure it would pay off if DMO’s and resorts in Lapland, and why not everywhere (feel free to steal my idea…), would develop and promote their cross-country skiing possibilities and services more actively* including restaurants and cafés, good views etc. along the tracks and trails. Today the wind shut down many of the lifts in Lapland, and therefore I bet the downhill possibilities weren’t as good as promoted nor brought the money hoped for.

II. Yesterday in Östersund, Sweden, the winners of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup were both from Lapland. Charlotte Kalla comes from Tärendö, in Swedish Lappland, and Finn Hågen Krogh comes from Alta, in Finnmark Norway. So I started to think how nice it would be if Lapland used these great athletes as brand ambassadors and promoters, in example. According to their performance yesterday, it would really pay of, in visibility and inspiration.

Sama suomeksi – ajatuksia hiihtolenkiltä hiihtolomaviikolla:

I. Maastohiihto on in ja jopa nykynuoriso hiihtää! Lapin kohteiden kannattaisi varmasti kehittää ja mainostaa enemmänkin maastohiihtokohteita ja erinomaisesti hoidettuja latuja (latukahviloitakin), varsinkin kun hissilaskettelumahdollisuudet ovat vähän väliä uhattuina huonon sään vuoksi. Paljonkohan myymättömissä hissilipuissa ja rinneravintoloiden annoksissa menetettiinkään esimerkiksi tänään, kun hissit olivat suljettuina kovan tuulen vuoksi?

II. Eilisen Östersundin maastohiihdon maailmancupin osakilpailuvoittajat olivat molemmat Lapista. Charlotte Kalla Tärendöstä, Ruotsin Lapista ja Finn Hågen Krogh Altasta, Norjan Finnmarkista. Lappilaisiin hiihtäjiin sijoittaminen, rajojen yli, olisi siis varmasti kannattavaa urheilumarkkinoinnin ja Lapin yhteismarkkinoinnin näkökulmasta. Hyviä esikuvia ja innoittajia.


Foto: Ylläs 2012. Yours truly. Skiing & thinking.

Instagram I love you

… especially when it comes to today’s branding, tourism business and marketing. Just look at Icelandair! While collecting data for my Master’s thesis (Actor-Networks of Northern Lights Tourism in Iceland, Norway and Finland) I got to know Icelandic tourism industry and their very innovative, fresh and bold take on i.e. social media marketing, corporate communications and promotion of Iceland as a destination.* And look at this Instagram feed now! How many airlines do this? And so well? With their corporate brand especially, not just with Insta-ambassadors / cabin crew on Instagram, in example.** Icelandair feed looks amazing and apparently has a very high requirements when it comes to quality. Taggs are also well chosen, simple and effective. At least I start to think, after browsing this feed, that Icelandair as a company and brand is up-to-date quality airline, and that Iceland is definitely worth a visit. Or two. And don’t even let me start with their Hekla Aurora…. It makes me eager to fly back to Iceland, with Icelandair selvfølgelig, to see the Northern Lights (wasn’t lucky enough last time) and experience the country and its tourism offerings.

What I would do if I would be an airline? I would do like Icelandair or hire myself to do it on my behalf. Especially I am looking at you, our own national airline Finnair, which still seems to think that people only want to fly away from Finland. Even though we do have the same Northern Lights as Iceland. And Santa.

*The vision of Icelandair Group is to unlock Iceland‘s potential as a year-round destination, to strengthen Iceland‘s position as a connecting hub and to maintain our focus on flexibility and experience. Icelandair

** For a nice piece on Insta-ambassadors and why you should use them for tourism and destination marketing, look at Visit Sørlandet’s post here. Unfortunately it’s only in norwegian.