We Can Be Heroes

It’s my new weekly notebook for 2016. With my name on it. I’ve become old or just hipster. It arrived the same moment as the news, but luckily the needed hope came along as well. And space. For plans. We can be heroes (or starmen) and this year my plan is to be an hero. For a start.


I’m gonna talk openly about this. Sharing is caring… I’ve thought and still thinking, carefully, what I really want to do with my life and even though there seems to be almost too many good options, I know I need to make decisions and I need to do them quickly, without unnecessary hesitation. I’ve had enough of this, of not being in charge of my own life. I’ve had enough of the uncertainty, changing plans and unsuitable environments. At least when it comes to personal and professional life; in outdoor sports, on the contrary, those are the things I do them for. That’s where the excitement, challenge and flow comes from. Funnily enough.

I’ve been living the life, studying, learning, acquiring knowledge and skills, and most importantly gained experience, but lately I haven’t been able to use those nor my full potential, properly. And that makes me frustrated. I wanna reach to the next level, to the next record. Even though magic happens outside your comfort zone, sometimes you just need to get back to the comfort zone. Because the comfort too can be the magic.

This is Life

I don’t wanna waste more time, energy and other resources, while I could, or at least should, be doing what I really want to and can do. I want to use the potential I have, reach out  with my fun potential and see where it leads me. I don’t want to continue from office to office learning over and over the unwritten (office) rules which I’ll not be needing the next year nor in the next place. I don’t wanna be doing things like other people have used to do them, nor repeat the same mistakes (and record) over and over again.

I wanna do things differently, I wanna see what I’m really capable of doing and achieving. And if that happens, that I only have the power to do that with my personal life, then be it. Maybe and hopefully the professional one catches us in some point.

Simply, I’m gonna be the hero; live, laugh and love. Take the change and accept the challenge. And hopefully there’s serenity waiting.

I’m not sure what I’ll do, but— well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.

© F. Scott Fitzgerald

When it comes to blogging, I have to admit I’m not sure what I’m really gonna do with this. But since I have so many other things to worry about, this is something I’m not gonna worry about . We’ll see, maybe I write more, maybe less. Maybe I start to edit the writing (sorry for all the spelling mistakes – you do have noticed this is also for practicing my english skills?). Maybe I figure out some fixed theme for my posts – maybe this becomes a fashion blog. Or fitness. Travel. Adventure. Wellness. Foodie. Wine. Gin… Or maybe I’ll keep it as it is.

A blog of life.


2016. Aika olla sankari. On uusi kalenteri ja paljon vapaata tilaa suunnitelmille ja elämälle. Ehkä keksin myös jotain järkeä tähän blogiinkin. Tai sitten en. Tärkeimpänä tavoitteena nyt vain elää parhaani mukaan.


Bring It On 2016

It’s the last day of 2015 which also happens to be the last day with this employer. Time to destroy the files and head and go for the new year and new adventures. And maybe review a thing or two about 2015.

I didn’t get any presents this Christmas. I got some promises  – later, when we see again, and I bought a thing or two to myself. Which was more than fine. Sounds bad, but it really wasn’t. I knew this Christmas would not be the Christmas. I knew it would be melancholic. And it was ok (although some people in the other end of my phone might have another opinion – thanks dear ones for the support!).

2015 really hasn’t been my year and it would have been wrong to ruin the pattern in this point. After all, I was in Finland and in Finland if somewhere it’s ok to be almost melodramatically melancholic sometimes.

mountain tops titlis

Nevertheless, from 2016 I wait many presents. Most importantly, I wait to be present. I wait others to be present. And I’ll do all I can to make that come true. Enough of this bullshit (sorry!) the last two years have mostly been; no presents nor people present. Too many champagne problems and too few classes of free, dry, cold champagne. Btw, have you ever thought how both the snow and the champagne are best when they’re free, dry and cold? I just grinned to that.



All in all, the bottom line here could say that goodbye 2015, you will not be missed much (except the Switzerland, Bilbao, Lapland and Tromsø parts). And welcome 2016 with new adventures. Yes, adventures, since I haven’t planned a thing yet. Except a trip to Lapland. See you tomorrow, home!

Ane Brun – Halo (Feat. Linnea Olsson) from Ane Brun on Vimeo.

2015 oli aika hirveä vuosi muutamine valopilkkuineen. Onneksi sentään ne valot olivat kirkkaita ja sateenkaaren väreissä heijastavia, sillä muuten olisi ollut suoraan sanottuna aivan liian raskas vuosi selvittävänä. Lyhyesti; heippa 2015, ei tule ikävä. Ja hei 2016 ja uudet seikkailut. Mukavuusalue on hukattu jo kauan sitten, joten ainakin taikuutta on tiedossa. Ja huomenna matka Lappiin, jossa pitäisi olla ilmaista, kuivaa ja kylmää lunta.



Searching For The Happy Place

I’ve been browsing the pictures from Switzerland and can’t help noticing how happy everyone (including me) look there. It’s the most important thing in the mountain, the smile (according to our guide Thomas) and the call of the mountains answered – the feeling of waking up, walking out and seeing the mountains oh so near. So near one can simply walk to them and climb them up and from the top see more mountains and so on…


Kinda opposite to the reality in Finland right now. Last days of work (btw why it seems that I’m the only civil servant working these days?) after which the oh so too familiar unemployed New Year 2016. It’s now the third January in a row with the same facts (including location Finland) and I kinda feel like I should do something to break the curse and move out from Finland, this time for good. Since this is no country for young women, it seems.

Nevertheless if any of you happen to have a paid job to offer, preferably near sea / mountains / happy friendly people / good coffee, I’m all up for it. Contact details on the left. Until that I’ll just trust that when nothing is certain, everything is possible. And maybe rename this blog to ‘Bum Diaries”.

Photo: Melissa Presslaber / Shades of Winter 


Kuvien perusteella Sveitsissä vietettiin hemmetin iloisia, onnellisia, hetkiä. Vähän erilaisia kuin näinä päivinä Suomessa. Viimeiset työpäivät tässä talossa (miksi muuten tunnun olevan ainoa virkanainen töissä Suomessa näinä päivinä?) jonka jälkeen odottaa oi niin ihana tuttu työtön uusi vuosi 2016.

Hieman kyllä pistää miettimään, kun tämä nyt on jo kolmas tammikuun alku työttömänä Suomessa peräjälkeen, että pitäisikö nyt kolmannella kerralla vihdoin uskoa ja muuttaa mitä pikimmiten pois maasta, tällä kertaa pysyvästi.. No country for young women this.

Työtarjouksia, kaiken varalta myös Suomesta mutta ensisijaisesti ulkomailta, otetaan siis vastaan. Houkuttelu on helppoa jos töitä saa tehdä mukavassa yhteisössä, jossa on myös vuoria / meri / hyvää vahvaa kahvia lähietäisyydellä. Yhteystiedot vasemmalta.

Shades of Winter

To do: Work, eat, train, sleep, repeat. Occasionally almost every day visit post to receive something or send something. And most importantly, pray for snow. Because it’s climate change, the holiday season and Engelberg waiting. 
To do: Työskentele, nuku, syö ja treenaa. Toista yhä uudellen ja uudelleen. Käy välillä postissa hakemassa tai lähettämässä paketteja. Ja mikä tärkeintä: rukoile lisää lunta. Koska ilmastonmuutos, joulukuu ja Engelberg yhden yön takana.