Take a flight on the wild side

Prepping for Switzerland & Engelberg going on. It’s been storming outside, while inside I’ve been training, reading, watching films and booking flights, topped with day job. I’ve also bought the first christmas presents and running shoes, thanks for web shops and  UPS especially since the Finnish Post

Interestingly, the flights part might get to be the most exciting experience during my Swiss adventure, since these days i’s not so easy to trust on Finavia’s / Finnair’s / Flybe’s (btw, shouldn’t it be Norra already?) ability to deliver the service I’ve ordered from them and paid for them. Luckily (for them) their monopoly for this exact route do not give me any chance to choose another service provider, with i.e. better track record on fulfilling their promises.

But I really hope that for once they’d surprise me positively & that my skis nor I get behind the kinda tight schedule. Instead, I hope to get myself and my skis smoothly to the destination. The snow reports from Alps has been promising, which is something I definitely do not wanna miss. And of course, one should never miss Gruyere.


Nike Zoom Pegasus 32


Syömistä, juomista, nukkumista, treenaamista, suunnittelua, lentojen varausta, leffojen katselua, ostoksia ynnä muuta. Kun ulkona myrskyää, niin tapahtuu sitä näemmä sisälläkin. Sveitsi kutsuu reilun parin viikon päästä, ja vähitellen on matkakuume kohonnut huippulukemiin. Kuten rahanmenokin.


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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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