Stockholm – meet me in the middle

Once upon a time (weekend) in Stockholm. There were the convenient Flygbussarna, fast Arlanda Express & modern SL. Very cozy a hotel and  date night; ate well & enjoyed some excellent wine & service. Laughed a lot & talked some nonsense (or at least I talked – it seems Savo does not improve my language skills).

Then there were pizza & red wine also; burgers and öl the great views & photographs, cold (it was amazing almost humiliating to notice how the Californian was better prepared for the cold than the Lappish one..), beautiful people & fairy lights.

Stockholm’s always a good idea. Why on earth I moved away from there?*







Tukholma. Aina yhtä kaunis, kallis ja marraskuussa kylmä. Onneksi seura oli erinomaista ja aurinko kirkas.


*It must have been the cold.

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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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