Feel frozen

People. I have an advice for you. An advice which might even save your life one day. If and when you take that flight up north during winter, to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or whatever you prefer, remember to dress warmly. Take your warm clothes with you or buy them on spot. Also, take along a termos with some hot drink in it.

You may also want to take your loved ones with you, because happiness is only real when shared and because in Finland we even have this wise saying “läheisyys lämmittää” which approximately translates to “intimacy keeps you warm“. Moreover, do not leave anyone out when there…


I’m telling you this because in reality, if and when you sit there, like they do in this #feelfinnair ad^, in those clothes, without hats nor mittens, you’d pretty soon feel cold.  Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold! Pretty much frozen. And that’s something which we and you do not wanna happen. We want you to enjoy the moment to the fullest, like we locals do.

Therefore, better to take my advice into account. Or at least make sure that the sauna is closer than the photographer.

Photo 1: Pyhä 2015. It was cold. Very cold. But beautiful. And inside it was very warm and cozy.

Photo 2: Finnair. 


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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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