We are travel

every time we travel, we become part of a global movement that has the power to drive positive change

@ Taleb Rifai ‘One billion tourists – one billion opportunities

It’s World Tourism Day today. And, even though how stupid lame connotation it is, I can’t help thinking how the fallen leaves, like these in the picture above, reflect the nature of travel and tourism. After all, they do not stay in the same place forever and one can clearly see how they have the ability to change their surroundings, their origins and destinations. Even themselves. Like travelers do.

I’m going to “celebrate” this day watching ‘The World’s Best Travel Videos of 2015 Emphasize Place and Emotion’ and reading about how and why we all should have freedom to travel. Might also day dream a bit, since it’s about a time to book my next personal getaway. I’m worth it. We all are (but remember; consume responsibly).

Tänään vietetään UNWTO:n Maailman matkailupäivää. Pakko myöntää, suomenkielinen termi on aika noh, kökkö.. Mutta siitä huolimatta, hyvää, vapaata ja kestävää matkailua meille kaikille ja kaikkialle, kiitos. Ja jos vain mitenkään mahdollista, lisää yhtä aurinkoisia ja kauniita syyspäiviä kuin eilinen.

Ps. Nauti vastuullisesti.


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