Terminal 1

T1 Helsinki Airport

I have an advice to share. Although I’m not sure if sharing is a good idea now, because the less people know about it, the more fun it is. But, sharing is caring, so here you go:

When traveling from Helsinki Airport, you might like to try Terminal 1 (T1), even though your flight would leave from Terminal 2 (T2). Of course the best situation is when your flight leaves from T1. Nevertheless, the reason for the detour is simple: coffee and less crowded security check.

So, next time flying away, hop off from your bus or ask the taxi to drop you on T1,  take the stairs up and enjoy a smooth security check, after which turn right for the good care in the hands of Johan & Nyström. There you get some power for yourself and your devices as well.  It’s a true win situation, I’d say.

Have a safe trip!

Cappucino T1
Johan & Nyström

Lento Helsinki-Vantaalta? Suosittelen astumaan sisään Terminaali 1:n (T1) kautta, myös siinä tapauksessa jos / kun lentosi lähtee Terminaali 2:sta (T2). Miksi? Koska tässä kulmassa on lyhyemmät, jos ollenkaan, turvatarkastusjonot ja nykyisin myös Johan & Nyström. Vaivaton turvatarvastus ja erinomainen kahvi = parempi mieli.

Hyvää matkaa!

Terminal 1
Helsinki Vantaa Airport – Johan & Nyström

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