Eastern Promises

It was a kind of Tour de Eastern Finland by buss, with colleagues. Visited Olavinlinna by the Lake Saimaa for the first time, which was nice (there’s a little history nerd in me who just loves old castles and ruins and especially the part of the finnish history when we were part of Sweden..). After the Olavinlinna / Savonlinna visit we went to the Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and did some smoke sauna, swimming, relaxing in palju, trailrunning, eating and drinking, Linnansaari National Park in the middle of Lake Haukivesi (part of a greater Saimaa Lake) and of course some dancing.

Etelä-Savo kutsui kylään ja me menimme. Olavinlinnaan ja Rantasalmen Järvisydämeen. Saimaalle, saimaaseen (talviturkki lähti) ja Linnansaaren kansallispuistoon. Savusaunaan ja paljuun. Tanssilattialle ja metsään. Oli mukavaa.

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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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