Turku is always a good idea

Business as usual. This time in Turku. First some Baltic Sea Region related work and then a relaxing weekend eating, drinking and meeting in this little paradise called Turku. Which could also be a film directed by Wes Anderson…

Here’s my tips: for the atmosphere and beauty go to Vähätori.  While there, eat and drink at TårgetMami or Tiirikkala. Later on, enjoy a little summer party at the Aboa Vetus patio. For coffee, check out Café Art. Moreover, take the most out of the Aura river and its riverbank, walk along it, or by find a sunny piece of land, have “a seat” and watch people go by (and even horses, if the time is right). Try Jakke Jokilautta and do not forget Jokilaivat / Riverboats. Cross the river by Föri. For history, go to Suomen Joutsen (thanks City of Turku for hosting the event on Thursday) and Turku Castle.

Simply, there is everything. Especially when the weather is as good and living is easy.

Varför Paris, vi har ju Åbo.


Tällaista Turussa tällä kertaa. Melkein täydellistä ja muistin virkistykseksi: Turun Tuomiokirkko on “täl puol jokke”.


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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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