Go North

This week it happened again. I found myself explaining that it’s not the cold, the winter, which pulls me away from the North, like most of the southern people seems to think. Because those are the things which pull me back there. I know nothing about surfing (except it looks cool and that I can’t surf) but I know so much about those coastlines, about those peripheries, about those people who live there all year round. And although I have never (yet) been to the Faroe Islands, watching The Fjord and the TED talk above sums up pretty nicely what it is with those northern places, icy waters and life around there. For me.

Yritin aiemmin viikolla taas selittää, että kylmyys, talvet ja luonnon asettamat vaikeudet eivät ole se syy miksi en enää asu pohjoisessa. Päivänvastoin, kuten näissä videoissakin tavallaan kerrotaan, ne ovat se mitä kaipaan sieltä melkein eniten. Seuraavaksi voisinkin matkustaa “kotiin” Färsaarille.

anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit

© Chris Burkard


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Tiina Kivelä

Finnish escapades, as a friend once described.

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