Karl’s Saga

Karl Ove Knausgård, Vikings and Travel Through North America.

All sounds belong to the moment, they are part of the present, the world of change, while the soundless belongs to the unchanging. In silence lies age.

A thousand years is no time at all, I thought.


A good city

only a city that is good for its people can be good for its visitors

– Only the city can produce such a wealth of culture and experiences in one concentrated place. The beauty of cities is that they are a place where people interact, where ideas knock heads with each other. It is the place where change happens.

© Taleb Rifai, architect and UNWTO Secretary-General

Today’s read. And Copenhagen, which (based on empirical evidence) is a very good city to live in. And to visit. Tips to come.


On Sundays I mostly think of food. But first coffee. Brunches, late lunches and afternoon cafés. After and in the middle of rummaging and exploring, through museums, markets and second-hand finds; a slow run in the park or flauneuring the streets.

Mostly, I enjoy my Sundays in a city. And since I do have spent many nice Sundays in many nice cities, I decided to start sharing my Sunday favorites. Maybe someone finds these helpful.

The first one goes to Gent, Belgium.* In there, for breakfast, brunch and lunch, with friends, family or a loved one, for business or slow life; Pain Perdu. Best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, lots of greens, nice atmosphere and friendly service. Douze points.

And for the best coffee in town; Mokabon

*I hadn’t really thought of Gent before I moved to Brussels in 2012. But thanks to cheap tickets, short distances and sometimes dizzy Brussels, I learned that there are more to Belgium, including this decently sized, charming city called Gent (Ghent). From Brussels it takes only half an hour with train. It is also said that Gent is like Bruges, but with fewer tourists. I guess it means that Gent has the character and authenticity, without the popularity. Yet.  

Suomeksi: Sunnuntaissa parasta on ruoka ja kahvi. Ja koska olen viettänyt monta mukavaa sunnuntaita monessa mukavassa paikassa, ajattelin jakaa vinkkini viikoittain, jos vaikka joku eksyy samoille nurkille nälkäisenä.

Osa 1. Gent. Brysselissä asumisessa parasta, paikallisen ruoka- ja juomatarjonnan lisäksi, on kuinka kaupungista pääsee nopeasti ja halvalla muihin kaupunkeihin syömään ja juomaan. Ja niin syksyllä 2012 rakastuin ensilmäyksellä herttaiseen, autenttiseen Gentiin, johon EU-kuplasta pääsee puolessa tunnissa junalla.

Siellä aamiaiselle, brunsille tai lounaalle, ystävän, perheen tai rakkaan kanssa, suosittelen Pain Perdu. Ja kahville: Mokabon.

Menkää ja ihastukaa!